Imagine going to the grocery store after work and having to decide what is more important- bread or milk. You’re down to your last few dollars and it just has to last you until you get paid next week. With your milk in your hand, you head back to your apartment, but on the way you see a sign that says “lunch is on us- suspended meals available” at a small cafe. So you decide to walk in and grab something to eat. The girl behind the counter is so friendly and asks your name. You ask her if they’ll have meals tomorrow too and she says of course! Since your check isn’t coming in until next week, you head back the next day too. The same girl is at the counter. She remembers your name and asks how you are. Reluctantly you tell her you’re very grateful for lunch because you didn’t have enough money for groceries. She smiles and says she’d be happy to call the local food pantry for you. You go to sleep that evening, for the first time in a long time, with a full belly, a full pantry, and a full heart.

That’s what a #SuspendedMeal cafe can do for the people in our community. And exactly what we’re trying to open in Wixom, MI. People are often too proud to ask for help, but when it’s easily accessible and right in front of them, they’ll take that step.


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Everyone in my church (St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Walled Lake) is currently taking part in the #NehemiahProject – and turning $5 into whatever they can raise. My project is making these hope bracelets. They are adjustable slip knot bracelets with a little hope charm – to remind you that you helped contribute to bringing hope into someone’s life. If you’d like to purchase one, I am asking for $5 per bracelet. You can purchase one here.

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There will be a gala on June 3 to help raise funds – we’ll also have a silent auction. So, I wanted to make some raffle baskets. Below, you’ll see a link to the Amazon Wishlist of items I need to complete these baskets. If you can, please purchase an item or maybe share this post, so someone else may participate!

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Baskets I am hoping to make:
Movie Night Basket
Pamper Yourself Basket
Gardening Basket
Yoga basket
Thank you for reading <3 #suspendedmeal #payitforward #dogood

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